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You can save up to 70% on the latest technology and brands with our professionally refurbished laptops.

A brand-new PC or laptop is an expensive purchase and they only seem to be getting more expensive. Not only that, purchasing the right one can be a minefield. There is such a wide variety for different needs: business, basic home use, hobbyist use (yes, you might need a better spec machine if you are using the latest photography software for example), schoolwork, gaming… We could go on – the list is endless, and if you buy a computer that doesn’t meet the needs of your tasks, you will have wasted your hard-earned cash.

Our machines are predominantly business grade and are built to last. We will talk to you about your needs and make sure the computer or laptop you purchase from us meets your requirements.

Our stock includes a wide range of brands including HP, Dell and Apples and we have all types of devices: desktops, laptops, all in ones, Mac, and iMac.

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Quick Tips

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What our customers say

If, like me, you use a computer because you have to, and you haven't a clue what goes on 'underneath the bonnet', our technical ignorance knows no boundaries. This means I need to rely on somebody / company to help when I swear at my 'I.T' in sheer frustration. Having met Dave and Ali at Networking meetings, their approach made such sense that I thought 'fine, give it a go' - I'm delighted I did. There are many so called 'Mac' specialists, in. practice they are learning on the job, The Computer People know exactly what they are doing with Mac, and 'the other' system who claim to be 'soft and small'. Nothing is too much trouble, their staff are a pleasure to deal with and are equally proficient. If you have any problems ( as opposed to issues) don't hesitate to ask these guys, they're great and I'm glad to have found them. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, their pricing is eminently fair too. Top marks!

Richard Smith