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How many minutes do you waste waiting for your laptop or PC to start? How often have you been frustrated by the slowness of downloads? The list of tech frustration can be endless, so we won’t go on.

In essence, whether you are a corporate or a domestic IT user, you will have at some point wanted to throw your machine out of the window! Unless of course you are a Computer People client already.

The Computer People fix your IT problems, we relieve your business and personal tech frustrations, whether that’s a PC or laptop problem, connecting multiple machines to the same system, poor Wi-Fi connectivity, problematic printers, or just a lack of knowledge or confidence in IT.

Our promise to you

  • We listen to what you need and give jargon free easy to understand advice to help you get the best out of tech in your business and your home.
  • We can set up your hardware and software across all your devices and ensure they all communicate with each other seamlessly.
  • We are always there in the background to assist you if things go wrong and we can often rectify things using our superb remote support.

Refurbished laptops

Save up to 70%
on the latest technology and brands with our professionally refurbished laptops

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Business users

How many hours are you losing to a badly configured IT estate. Imagine how productive you and your team could be if you didn’t waste endless hours rebooting machines, waiting for files to download, or looking for ‘lost’ documents. Maybe you already have an IT support agency but you’re not sure you’re getting the best value?

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Home Users

Home users

Technology has progressed fast over the last few years – we not only have computers at home, but half our appliances are devices too and they need a decent wireless network to ensure they work the way you want them to.  We provide support for our domestic clients with every type of tech: computer, laptop, printers, Wi-Fi and software support.

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Quick Tips

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What our customers say

Excellent service always helpful and obliging. Highly recommend.

Graham Masters